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sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

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Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote ... Jonathan Lockwood Huie

January 10, 2010

Insights for living Simply An Inspired Life

Dear Riggs

Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.
- Anonymous

Play with life, laugh with life, dance lightly with life, and smile at the riddles of life, knowing that life's only true lessons are writ small in the margin.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Today's lead quote is the closing line of an anonymous story about random acts of kindness that is making its way around the internet. Read The Cab Ride and see what you think.

Further reading: Oscar Wilde: The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

Mark Twain: Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.

Albert Pike: What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us.

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Thank you for sharing with me this journey we call Life.
- Jonathan

Jonathan Lockwood Huie
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Saturday's Top News: The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show

2010/1/9 TIME.com <TIME@time.chtah.com>

Today's Top Stories

In France, a Move to Outlaw Psychological Abuse in Marriage


Couples will always argue. But in France, a movement is afoot by legislators to protect partners when the yelling becomes something scarier —psychological abuse

The Khost CIA Bombing: Assessing the Damage in Afghanistan


Making intelligence more effective in Afghanistan requires getting off the base and among the people, but the growing threat to U.S. personnel forces them to retreat behind the wire

A Slow-Motion Wreck for Commercial Real Estate


A Slow-Motion Wreck for Commercial Real Estate

Did Mona Lisa Suffer From High Cholesterol?


An Italian professor believes he's cracked the mystery behind Mona Lisa's enigmatic face: an accumulation of cholesterol beneath the skin

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By Joe Klein

Michael Tomasky has a really interesting post up about the efficacy of civilian v. military trials of terrorists during the Bush Administration. Guess what? Civilian procedures put a much higher percentage of terrorists behind bars. That still leaves the vexing question--if this is, as the President said, a war against Al Qaeda--of where we draw the [...]

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Planning for Retirement: The Five Big Questions

The U.S. Government says 2010 is the year many of us can convert to a Roth IRA. Here's what you should know before you decide

Quotes of the Day

"I have nothing to do with politics. I am just a tennis player, and I want to enjoy the tour like the other players."
Israel's top female tennis player, on being heckled by anti-Israel protesters at the Auckland Classic

Postcard from...

Banda Aceh

Memories of Aceh: Indonesia Five Years After the Tsunami

By Andrew Marshall

A TIME reporter recalls ground-zero of a cataclysm and the global outpouring of relief that helped Banda Aceh recover

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Se viene lo mejor del Search Engine Marketing del 2009 por SEMMYs


Enviado por Rigo a través de Google Reader:


vía MP3d - Seo y Ads de Mariano el 8/01/10

Como todos los años, esta a punto de salir publicada la lista de los nominados para la entrega de los premios SEMMYs 2010, donde se premian los mejores posts escritos dentro de la temática del Search Engine Marketing.

Se viene lo mejor del Search Engine Marketing del 2009 por SEMMYs

También abarcan otras categorías como, Link Building, SEO, Social Media, Blogs&Blogging, donde este año hay propuestos un total de 139 autores, representando a 99 sitios web/blogs.

El calendario que publico Matt McGee para este año es el siguiente:

  • 13 de Enero: Se publican las listas con todos los nominados.
  • 20 de Enero: Fecha limite para que los jueces elijan los finalistas.
  • 25 de Enero: Se publican los finalistas por categorías y comienza el voto del público.
  • 29 de Enero: Cierran los votos del público.
  • 1 de Febrero: Se anuncian los ganadores.

En unos días publico la lista con los nominados para la categoría SEO y ya que estamos les dejo los ganadores del año pasado en 2 categorías relevantes, Seo y Blogs&Blogging:

MP3d - Posicionamiento Seo y Adsense
© 2007-2009 MP3d Seo y Ads
Seo, Adsense, Wordpress, Plugins, Firefox, Tecnología y más
Esta entrada fue escrita por Mariano Pesce y ha sido publicada en MP3d - Seo y Ads bajo licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento 2.5 Argentina License

Gracias por leernos en tu lector de Feeds.-

Se viene lo mejor del Search Engine Marketing del 2009 por SEMMYs

Se viene lo mejor del Search Engine Marketing del 2009 por SEMMYs


Cosas que puedes hacer desde aquí:


A Simple Google Hack Gives You Free Access to Online Newspaper Articles


Enviado por Rigo a través de Google Reader:


WSJ Premium ContentOnline newspaper sites like the Financial Times require users to sign-in if they want to read more than one article on their site. The New York Times too had such a restriction in place earlier but they seem to have dropped that requirement now.

The Wall Street Journal, on the other hand, is a subscription-based site. They do offer free access to some of news stories but all the premium content is behind a pay-wall and therefore available only to paid subscribers.

Since these newspaper websites are part of the "First Click Free" program, someone visiting them via Google search can read the first page of the story without registering or subscribing. The first click is therefore "free" but the user will have to sign-in or register to read further.

First Click Free & Google Visitors

However, due to a possible bug in the implementation, the registration prompt gets bypassed for Google visitors giving them free access to all the news articles -- even the premium content meant for subscribers.

It works like this. You first copy the web address of any news article that is behind the registration firewall and paste that URL into the Google Search box. Now click the first Google result and you'll be able to read the full text of the corresponding story without registering or subscribing.

Reading WSJ articles via Google

Reading Financial Times via Google

A Simple Google Hack Gives You Free Access to Online Newspaper Articles

Originally published at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal.

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Cosas que puedes hacer desde aquí:


Google is Going Down the Toilet [PIC]

Yes, the company that is basically everywhere to a sometimes frightening degree just got a little creepier. Behold: Google toilet paper.

Apparently the picture above depicts a very popular brand of Vietnamese toilet paper (which is made of "100 percent virgin pulp" — score! No one likes a promiscuous pulp).

We're not exactly sure if the product is named after the search giant, and when you type "Google" into Google Translate (naturally) — Vietnamese to English — the results simply read "Google."

Can anyone — perhaps our international readers — help us solve this mystery?

[via Weird Asia News]

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