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Tiger Woods

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2009

Tiger Woods

Every so often in history there comes a man or woman that we can admire and respect, expecting in our minds that here is one that we can look on as a model for our lives – one who sets a standard for us to try to live up to. Tiger Woods seemed to be one such man who seemed to be clean-living, a wonderful sportsman with amazing skills - and a lovely smile.

It was a pleasure to watch him playing golf, to see his skills which often enabled him to pull a win out of the bag even when he was having an off-day.

We knew that he was very wealthy, money that he made using those skills, and we never seemed to begrudge him that. He had high appearance fees to attend golf tournaments around the world – in Australia recently his fee was about $4 million, but tournament organisers were happy to pay that, as were their sponsors, because his presence attracts large crowds who are also willing to pay good money to follow him around a golf course to see him play.

In some ways this attraction is similar to that of the crowds who followed Jesus.

But recently something went wrong with Tiger's apparently-ordered life, and we are left to wonder the details. To sort the truth from what appears to be sordid facts.

As it didn't seem to concern anyone other than he and his family, whatever happened should be kept private and is no business of yours, mine, the press or the police. Or should it?

In the light of my reasoning above perhaps we do deserve to know the facts? After all, a folk hero with a reputation affecting our hero worship needs to have the truth exposed. Especially if he is innocent.

Let us not lose faith yet. The press has much to answer for and may have again. Remember our countries legal positions – 'innocent until proven guilty.'

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