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Looking for PostSecret Archives?

domingo, 3 de enero de 2010


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vía Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog de Amit el 21/12/09

PostSecret is the largest blog in the world that doesn't carry any advertisements and, as most of you would agree, it's extremely addictive — every time you read those anonymous confessions written on postcards, you also feel like sharing one of your own secrets with the world.

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Browse the PostSecret Archives

The Postsecret website gets around 1.2 million visitors every week but what may surprise you more is the size of this blog — even though Frank Warren, the one-man army behind PostSecret, has been religiously posting new postcards on the site since the past couple of year, the total number of pages on the site is exactly one.

For some unknown reason, the PostSecret site maintains no archives so if you missed any of the previous editions of Sunday postcards, you'll have to either use an image search engine — like Bing with infinite scroll or Google Images —  or maybe you can buy one of these PostSecret books.

Wait, there's another easy option as well. Go to Google Reader and subscribe to this feed. While the PostSecret feed is loading, just keep scrolling down the list and you'll have the last 200 days of PostSecret archive on your screen courtesy the built-in cache of Google Reader.

If you are looking for even older postcards, check out the Internet Wayback Machine at archive.org – they have a backup of every PostSecret image that has been made available online since 2005. And to download the PostSecret images on your computer for offline browsing (or say, for making a photo collage), check this page – you can use wget to download all the images though am not sure if it's an official PostSecret archive or just another mirror site.

To learn more about PostSecret, watch this video from WSJ.

Looking for PostSecret Archives?

Originally published at Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal.

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