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Making a Box for the Future and You're Invited!

lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


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vía the ingredients of stuff de storypeople el 31/12/09

It's remarkable, isn't it, what we can create with something as ordinary as a piece of time? The year we've just lived is now entirely unique, but it began like any other. We've made a marvelous map of experiences, all of them now dancing on strands of time so delicate and fragile it's hard to believe they can hold the weight of so many memories.

But every year - in fact, every segment of time we measure by, starts with the same - full of room in every direction, space for all those silky threads and beautiful patterns we weave together.

That is remarkable.

Over here, in this little corner of StoryPeople, we've pledged to create things with more color, more bounce, and much more laughter. Laughter makes everything look so beautiful.

And you're invited. Because it's the new year, nothing sounded better than the story 'Box for the Future' ...

this is a dress-up box for the future
& it's filled with stuff like courage &
love & play because they're the only things
that are any use at all
when you get right down to it.

IF you'd like to contribute a drawing, a character, any kind of artwork, actually - or maybe some music or the voice over (yes, we'd LOVE you to give a reading of the story! You only have to record it and save it as an mp3 file) tell us here or send us an email.

We'll mix and mash and make something fun (or break down in tears, trying. :))

It's true, this is just for fun and there's no big prize or anything (we're still saving that idea). You only have to draw it and send a picture (a jpg or png will do) and we'll weave your work in an animation and we'll all celebrate at the end because we spent some time together playing and creating.

It's a really good way to start any year.

With love and wishes for peace and your heart's true happiness ...

Merry New Year!


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