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lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


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so as many of my readers know; i was blessed with a lil lady of my very own this year, and she unfortunately was born with some major drama, she wouldn't be mine if there wasn't drama involved. She was born with CDH, transposition of the greater arteries & had to be rushed from her birth hospital to Children's Hospital of Boston (not very far maybe 2o minutes away) just hours after she was born. It was the hardest two weeks our all of our lives, but luckily everything turned out perfect & our peanut is now home, happy & healthy.

and if again, you have been following my blog or know me personally i am apart of the "Hanah's Hopefuls" team for the what was called Miles for Miracles but is now called NSTAR'S Walk for Children's Hospital Boston. Hanah is a late cousin of mine who had the best team of nurses & doctors that did everything the could for her but unfortunately not every battle can be won & my aunt now has two healthy gorgeous kids! I have done this walk for five years, even last year i did it while pregnant. This was a huge battle with my beloved* & family i ended up doing just the 2-mile walk which is okay.

but this year! this year we walk for my peanut. she had her own, luckily, short stay at Children's once born & with the team of nurses we had in CICU 8 South & 8 West I am not sure I could have been as strong & made it through the whole process with what sanity i have left. so now i have even more drive for the awareness, support & raising money for this amazing hospital that helps so many. we met so many people during our stay there from all over the world! the stories we heard, the people we met just absolutely amazing. i have to do my small, easy part & just donate, raise & walk! i am going to put some links below in hopes that people either support, donate or join a similar walk.

the main website for the walk.

the team's website. we are "OLIVIA'S BISCUITS" olivia's older brother snugglebutt calls her olivia biscuits rose.

and lastly, my own website.


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