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lunes, 4 de enero de 2010


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Global warming

With the conference currently held in Copenhagen the frenzy over effects for and of global warming is heating up. Like throwing half a beast to a group of sharks, those claiming to represent countries, islands or groups of people are demonstrating their causes, convinced somehow that global warming is definitely happening, or about to happen, and see an urgent need to demonstrate their fears that all countries are directly responsible and must stop whatever they think is causing it.

But are they justified in the aim of their demonstrations?

World leaders each and individually have their own agendas on this topic and have decided to support or not the aims set for the conference, to take action or not.

Many scientists around the world have jumped on the bandwagon originally set in motion by the US one-time politician Al Gore, and are feeding this frenzy overloaded with facts (and fiction?) to support their cases. But there are an equal number of such scientists less boisterously rejecting the same claim, saying that our planet is going through one of its many cycles, changes that have naturally occurred for thousands of years. There are a variety of natural reasons why our globe oscillates between warm and cold climate changes – changes which even Nasa, being one of the supporters of this current scare is also learning about; the current lack of sun spots which have a very real effect on our planet's climate.

Pollution of our air and environments is of serious concern to us all, particularly from countries which are heavily industrialised such as China, the USA, and the European continent. It is imperative that these states be strongly encouraged to greatly reduce their pollution as quickly as possible, not just for the health of their own people but for the health of the planet. This pollution is doing great harm not just to the atmosphere and oceans, but to every living thing in our world.

But I do not accept that this is creating the warming of the globe. I support the growing majority who oppose the theories that Man is causing this warming. I believe it is natural and will one day swing the other way. Then will doomsday theorists say that the pollution is now causing the earth to cool?

We all have our own thoughts on this topic and I welcome opposing or supporting comments.


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